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won the voting. Please see details here:

This year’s “ under 30 ” list has just been announced and it features ’s co-founders Chandler Song and Ryan Fang!

Regarded as the definitive guide to Asia’s next generation of leaders, inclusion on this highly prestigious list is a great honour for the team and extremely good for the project!

Read the full article here...

The second batch of Labs grants, with a total value of 24,300 WAVES, will be disbursed to 10 projects.

Since the start of our grant program, we have received more than 100 applications, and we are now starting to work on the third batch of grants.

Find out more about the projects and Waves Labs grants here:

A big thank you to Dmitry Pichulin, who created WavesKit, a library for working with Platform functionality. has recently come out of beta and you can already connect it to your project!
Read more about WavesKit features here:

’ gaming project is moving ahead, and we are excited to unveil the winner of a 100,000 WAVES grant - Tradisys, an established contributor to the Waves community.

Tradisys is behind exciting on the Waves’ such as Dice Roller and Fhloston Paradise.

Read more about it in Waves blog!

Today, published an article on transforming and disrupting the industry, written by ’s very own CEO, Chandler Song.

Cloud Computing has revolutionized the way software and services are being developed and delivered.

Now, Ankr helps tackle the growing issue of cloud waste, by leveraging idle computing resources within a shared marketplace.

is building tools to implement within the financial sector.

Check out our code examples and explanations for how written in can be used for options, futures, subscription fees, deposits, corporate voting and much more!

30 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.

Today, we are celebrating the launch of Web3.0 – a new era in the history of the internet. Web3.0 will see the decentralisation of many of the online services we use every day, making them more secure, private and user-friendly.

To find out more, check out our new website and the latest blog post:

$waves $btc

, and 'Let's need to produce our '...

Global government debt:

2007: $30 Trillion
2019: $63 Trillion

It’s time for plan ₿

2,122,193 accounts
+103 in the last hour
+2,327 in the last day
+18,118 in the last week

Ao alugar suas $WAVES para o nó vocês estarão ajudando a manter os serviços do, que são servidores de redes descentralizadas e de código aberto!

Aqui está uma postagem que explica alguns conceitos básicos sobre contêineres e o , que é a ferramenta que a usa na sua plataforma de computação descentralizada

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