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If out there there is some fellow #Italian interested in #datascience you might want to take a look at our upcoming new event:

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I'm thinking of making a quick next project: scraping the admin accounts of the top-100 instances and putting them in a list. It seems @TheKinrar doesnt't expose that information on the API - guessing that's intentional? Or is it not provided by Mastodon (didn't check yet)

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In any case I have absolutely zero proof that people at large use to sign up anywhere, that is to say, the reason a lot of people sign up on is because of high search ranking due to its age and a lot of links from the press. So all these potential changes might be absolutely meaningless.

I've also seen people say "their top server is only 200k users" as a negative when checking what Mastodon is, so consider that as well.

“Here comes the story of the Hurricane
The man the authorities came to blame
For somethin' that he never done
Put in a prison cell, but one time he could-a been
The champion of the world”

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new mastodon feature is awesome. excited to start streaming from other instances in our timeline

ok. we are back. sorry about delay. now we are running the last mastodon version available. i really recommend everyone take a look in new features e and security issues. thanks.

you may get some errors in the next few minutes. I'm going to start full instance upgrading with last mastodon version. ill let you know when we are complete.
Last Release can be checked here:

@VersionObserverBot for add to be verified about Mastodon version and SSL. We are working to provide all information to show cryptodont users how seriously we are taking this instance. Thanks

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it's a bit galling that people are criticising mastodon instead of thinking about solutions that could help instead. the problems that mastodon faces about moderation are nothing new in terms of social platforming, forums, and also to an extent: real life professions like counselling, working child cases, psychological therapy and the like.

i just notice that @cryptonews bot is not working whit reddit. seems like reddit delivery unknown links (?). need to check that. sorry guys. i’ll fix that tomorrow. is fucking weird. that pics in timeline... FFS

OK, after this beautiful spam all feeds are sync and every 30 minutes bot will check new info. please follow @cryptonews to stay updated in crypto world.

part 2:

The Coinbase -

Bitcoinist (Bitcoin News and Reviews) -

Merkle -

Blockonomi -

Cryptopanic -

here is a list part 1:

Reddit -

Reddit -

Reddit -

Reddit -

Reddit - Blog -

CoinDesk -

Cointelegraph -

bitcoin magazine -

CryptoCoins -


Bitcoin News -

I spent all day testing bots. finally I have a configuration with 16 RSS feed gathered in a single account. we'll have huge news spam just by turning on the bot. after that everything should happen as feeds get updated.

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