@ancapsu ppl can mention you if they use the correct way. @name@instance

@craicem since bear market i exit all markets. i have read nothing about crypto in the last 6 month. few things about EOS and nothing more lol

@badpixel @craicem i would appreciate if more ppl join us. when cryptodont is compared whit other cryptocurrency instances, we are far better. you can check that here instances.social/

@craicem we have only one bot to inform users about last news. we have some users here...

we are back and running the last mastodon update. enjoy your instance.


when updating to 2.7.1 i have

[4/6] Linking dependencies...
warning " > react-redux-loading-bar@4.0.8" has incorrect peer dependency "react-redux@^3.0.0 || ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0".

any advice?

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1,947,378 accounts
+112 in the last hour
+2,772 in the last day
+22,238 in the last week

hey all. we are running the last mastodon release. check out what new features we have. github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

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@Gargron In my experience, people that wants to “sign up to Mastodon” understands it better the first approach when I explain that “You don’t sign up on Mastodon: you sign up on an instance that‘s connected with all the other instances that form the Mastodon Network”

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So what are things that are already done for #Mastodon v2.7?

Profile directory for finding people based on interests, new admin UI for accounts, moderation warnings system so you know when and why your account was disabled/limited/suspended by a mod, and a new sign up API that app devs can use to let people sign up without leaving their app.

241 commits since 2.6

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can the person who wrote this folding sign PLEASE make a mastodon account

@BitMexTrader just added you on instafollow. let me know if you have any issues.

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enjoy your v2.6.2.
Thanks for using cryptodont instance.

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