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Bitcoin might be down this year but at least the transactions are cheap and they seem to fast as hell

This did not work out, did not enter I am sill looking to short this but will up date.


Still waiting for price to come down, if it does not come down then tuff shit I don't enter unless I get conformation

When looking for entry's I am looking for price to double top at resistance, making what is called market structure M's.

The entry is or trade is good to go when last support is broken.

Lower horizontal yellow line

Fib are my shit.

I am looking for short of this when price is coming into a (0.5 and 0.61) levels, the 0.5 is not a fib level so don't @ me about it.

Levels I am looking to be seller.

Levels I am looking to be buyer

hey whats up dude, okay mate bears markets can be traded, that why Bitmex is soooo good


@BitMexTrader hey man. since you’re the first one and active here, i’ll give you some gift. every person what join in cryptodont instance will insta follow you. thanks for support us.

Whats up peeps when moon when lambo.

Not this any way stay at it this the time to start accumulating those BTC

$DASH Chart #2 Weekly

I use market structure as form of conformation, if I start to see price putting double bottoms on the weekly then this telling me the Bear or the downed movement is slowing.

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